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About Apostle Laboratories

Apostle Laboratories is a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory (CLIA ID 05D2191922), accredited by College of American Pathologists (CAP Number 8830916), with clinical laboratory license issued by the California state government (State ID: CDF-90001457). It is also a licensed Medical Device Manufacturer by State of California, Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch (license number : 120090). We are located in Pleasanton (headquarters), California. 

Apostle Laboratories is devoted to providing high-efficiency, low-cost, professional, and comprehensive clinical laboratory support for clinical trials for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, as well as providing clinical diagnostic services. Our top-notch scientist team and capabilities of providing efficient and cost-effective CRO services enables us to be your important partner in clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the US market. Our expertise, certificates, accreditations, and experiences empower a safe, efficient, and successful registration study for our partners.

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